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CRASAC offers Pre-Trial therapy to those deemed vulnerable and in need and unable to defer their counselling until after their court process is finished.  After a session, a counsellor will make brief notes as a reminder for the following session and these are kept securely and confidentially. 

When pre-trial therapy takes place, the police are informed, as sometimes therapy notes are requested by the court.  As notes can be requested by the court and used as evidence, we take our responsibility very seriously in making sure that nothing takes place in pre-trial therapy that could negatively impact on the court proceedings or negatively impact on victims and survivors.

Therefore, Pre-Trial Therapy does not explore the direct experience of the victim or survivor but focuses on the impact of the sexual violence and how they are coping in their day-to-day life.  This counselling offers coping strategies and emotional support.  You can still access our main counselling service for further support with the deeper trauma after your court proceedings/Trial have ended.

For more information on this service please contact our Helpline or make a referral.

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